Body Art Designz
Products & Pricing

TAT prices range from $5 - $15 for standalone designs. These range from black Kanji/ Chinese characters to multi color butterfly or flower and bird designs. Depending on the size of the design chosen, if only one color is requested by the customer and the tattoo is priced for multiple colors the price of the tattoo would be dropped. And extra $1- $5 is added for persons who want glitter or body crystal accents.

Our current stock of stencils includes the following;

Kanji/ Chinese characters, Tribal, Arm bands, Waist bands, Flowers, Birds, Butterflies, Fishes, Crosses, and Children.

After the tattoo is done the customer can also choose to accent the design with either body glitter in assorted colors or chose body crystals. These 2 features really add to the finish look of the tattoos. We also offer ultra violet inks, which are fluorescents and the glow under black disco lights.

In the weeks ahead glow in the dark and invisible inks will be added to our stock. The UV invisible ink would be unseen in normal light but be visible under black disco lights. This invisible ink can also be used over tribal designs so they would be black under normal light but glow under black disco lights.
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