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1. What is a Temporary Airbrushed Tattoo?
Temporary Airbrushed Tattoos (TAT for short) are Tattoo like designs that are painted onto the skin using an airbrush, and special paints. You chose your design from the large range of stencils we have and which colours you would like it to be in. They can also be finished with glitter and gem crystals for that real BLING! BLING! look.

2. Why Get a TAT?
Why shouldn’t you? People get TATs to express themselves to express their personality. There are also very special days, special occasions, and holidays, sporting events, dances birthday parties, promotions etc. People get TATS for many reasons. TATs are beautiful and fun!

3. How long do they last?
Up to fourteen days . The amount of time a TAT lasts depends a lot on how it is treated, where it is placed and what type of skin you have. They last on average about a week with proper care. With excellent care and placement that can last up to two weeks but with no care and bad placement a day or two. They are waterproof, but prolonged exposure to water will make them wear out quicker. Heavily chlorinated water is especially bad for TATS. Our inks are of the highest quality and the longest lasting ink available in the world.

4. Can I remove them?
They can be removed easily at any time with baby oil, methylated spirits, or rubbing alcohol.

5. Are Temporary Airbrushed Tattoos safe?
The inks are specially designed to be safe on skin. All ingredients are FDA approved. If you have any allergies to alcohol then TATs are not for you. If you have a Latex allergy, let us know beforehand, in case the gloves we are wearing may contain latex.

6. Does it hurt?
There is absolutely no pain whatsoever. The air coming from the airbrush, combined with the alcohol in the ink evaporating may make it a little cool, but that is the only sensation you will feel.

7. How are they applied?
The skin area where the Tattoo is to be applied is first cleaned with rubbing alcohol. A stencil is then placed on the skin and the ink is sprayed over the stencil in one or more colours. The stencil is then removed. The ink is alcohol based and dries almost immediately. Talc may be applied to help set the ink, or other finishes such as glitter or a sealer may be applied over the top of the TAT for various effects.

8. Where can they be applied?
A TAT can be put anywhere on your skin that you wish, although we prefer not to work in the face area, as the alcohol nature of the ink can sting a little if it gets into the eyes. We do reserve the right to decline tattooing in certain areas of the body.

9. How long does it take to get a TAT?
Temporary Airbrushed Tattoo's can be applied in minutes.

10. How much do they cost?
The cost varies depending on the size and style of the tattoo. They start at $5.00 and goes up to $15.00. Each design is color coded. If you buy two of the same color coded tattoos, we will knock off a couple of dollars.

11. Where can people get a TAT?
Contact us at (website) or call us at (numbers).

12. How do I arrange a party or event?
Contact us with the location and number of people expected to attend your party or event. Also let us know if this is a themed party or event. This way we can give you a quote and let you know if we are available for your party or event. Remember to Book Us Early.

13. Can I get a custom stencil made for me based upon my design?
Yes. Please contact us at least two weeks before the design is needed and all the necessary information would be taken. . The simple designs look best

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